Introducing our Settle-In Packages

The award-winning unpacking service homemovers have been waiting for.

Looking for an unpacking service in Bristol or Bath? We're here to make your move manageable. 

At Organised Interiors we specialise in providing a next-level moving experience, unpacking and setting up new homes and creating customised organising solutions with stunning results. From kitchens to closets, bedrooms to bathrooms, playrooms to laundry rooms, we take your space from unorganised and cluttered to streamlined, efficient and beautiful. We ensure our clients and their families settle in with minimal disruption to their lives and schedules, leaving them with the home set-up of their dreams without having lifted a finger.

"The luxury home move service you need to know about" - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Classic Unpack


  • 1 Organiser
  • -
  • -
  • On the day
  • -
  • On the day
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • £280 p/day

All Hands on Deck


  • 3 Organisers
  • -
  • -
  • On the day
  • -
  • On the day
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • £265 p/ day

Signature Move

from £5750+VAT

  • As required
  • In advance
  • In advance
  • -


  • A fitted wardrobe with organised sweaters and cardigans inside.
    The biggest, biggest THANK YOU to you and Kathryn for making my first day at Hope House such fun! I’ve never used a pro organising team before and it’s completely gamechanging. What would have taken me a whole week to complete we cracked in one day…and with croissants, hot chocolate, Mr Buble and lots of laughter to boot. My heart is full and it was such a wonderful feeling opening all the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen this evening and seeing everything so beautifully laid out. Everything had it’s place. You are both miracle workers!
    Unpack With You Service
  • Alex
    Poppy was amazing from start to finish! We used her decluttering and moving service on our recent house move. It couldn’t have been a less stressful move! She organised our movers and fully unpacked everything over a weekend in to our new flat, it feels like we moved in to an incredibly well organised show home. We are over the moon and couldn’t recommend her and her Organised Interiors team enough! I’ll never move with out poppy again!  
    Signature Move Service
  • Jenny
    Poppy unpacked and organised our kitchen on our recent house move and she was brilliant from initial consultation to moving day. Everything was unpacked and organised in an intuitive and seemingly effortless way - the pantry and the kids’ breakfast area still bring me joy two months later! What’s been especially brilliant is how easy the systems have been to maintain - there’s a place for everything. It took a huge amount of stress off move day to have one room so beautifully unpacked straight away and I would highly recommend Poppy’s services.
    Unpack With You Service
  • Philippa
    Poppy was absolutely fantastic - I wanted to organise my new build house creating systems that made sense for our busy and active lifestyle. Poppy asked such great questions throughout and came up with such brilliant suggestions that my home is now a haven. Everything has its place and life has become already so much easier - packing for work trips were a dream! I feel calmer and happier as a result and Poppy was so kind thoughtful and made the whole experience really fun. Thank you!
    Post-Move Home Organisation
  • Henrietta
    Poppy was absolutely brilliant in helping us to move house, and turned what is normally a fraught and stressful experience into an absolute dream. She was incredibly helpful in the period leading up to the move, and then took on the coordination of everything on moving day. When we arrived at our new home after Poppy and her team had worked their magic, not only were there no boxes for us to deal with but everything was beautifully organised and ready for us to move in - it really felt like our home from the beginning! I cannot recommend Poppy's services highly enough, thank you very much indeed!
    Signature Move Service
Join over 100+ delighted movers & move home in style.

Our Unpacking, Settle-In Packages

We strive to deliver exceptionally high, personalised service - values which lie at the very heart of our business.

Right from the get go, we take the time to fully understand each clients needs and how they live their lives. Why? Because we know the one thing they value and treasure – is time – and asking these questions up front gives us the insight to create a completely customised plan that sets up their home right from day one. Meeting in person (or via Zoom), we arrange in-depth consultations asking thoughtful questions and making helpful suggestions. We make sure nothing is left to chance ahead of the big day or when organising and decluttering a home.

Our Classic Unpacking Service

Designed for those who want support unpacking as soon as they have the keys to their new home. Whether you're keen to get the kitchen sorted, the playroom set up so the children can entertain themselves, or the home office organised so you can get straight back to work without skipping a beat, we focus on your priorities. 

You can choose how many days support you'd like and how many Organisers and we'll show up ready to banish as many boxes as possible and organise items beautifully and logically. 

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"Exceptional attention to detail" - Client

Our 'Signature' Service

For those desiring to live in the most organised and inviting home straight away, this luxury service ensures your home is fully unpacked with all packing materials removed. Items are put away with thought and organised around your routines and lifestyle, all whilst you take a mini break and avoid having to see a single box.

Our carefully-selected team will arrange your furniture for you, style your countertops and surfaces (using your own personal belongings), make your beds, hang towels in your bathrooms, put milk in the fridge and give your new residence that "finished" look, so you can begin living in your new home from the moment you step inside. We will source organisational products, such as baskets and boxes, to add structure to your new space to ensure everything is easy to access and aesthetically pleasing.

Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed back to Champagne on ice and a tour of your new home, before we leave you to relax and enjoy your new home. 

Our signature unpacking service lets you take a restful break whilst you leave trusted professionals to create the beautiful home you’ve imagined.

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Investment from £5750 *typical price for a 1-2 bedroom apartment with 1-2 adult occupants.

Our Signature Move Process

If we work with you on your home move, our tried and tested approach ensures stunning results and an enjoyable experience for our clients.
  • 1Book a Consultation

    Click here to schedule an initial consultation where we gather some information that allows us to quote. Where possible, we suggest you arrange this for when you are at home so we can see your current space. After the call we send through a proposal and quotation.
  • 2In-Depth Consultation

    Our in-depth consultation takes place in your current home, or on zoom for international clients. We ask carefully curated questions to ensure we understand your routines, lifestyle and visual preferences.
  • 3Design & Planning

    Where we can gain access to your new home, we take measurements to ensure we can design your new home down to the very last detail.
  • 4Product Sourcing & Purchasing

    Referring to the measurements we have taken, we source products that maximise storage space in your new home, whilst matching your desired aesthetics. We order and take delivery of these ready for the big day so it's one less thing for you to worry about.
  • 5Overseeing The Move

    You pack a suitcase for a mini-break and whisk yourselves away before you have to see a single box. We'll meet the removal company, ensure they pack everything, collect the keys for your new property and oversee them unloading your furniture and boxes.
  • 6Setting Up Your Home

    This where the magic happens. We pore over every detail to ensure your home flows, supports you and will stay organised for the long-term.
  • 7Handover & Tour

    You return home to an immaculate home and are passed a glass of chilled champagne, before the tour of your beautifully organised, styled new home begins.

Our unpacking service Bristol also covers Bath and surrounding areas for a small travel fee. Areas such as Clifton, Southville, Redland, Abbots Leigh, Clapton in Gordano, Bishopston, Bedminster, Failand, Long Ashton and the city centre are included within our travel radius.